About LynRus

Pioneers In Basketball Backstop Safety & Gymnasium Winches

LynRus Aluminum Products was founded by two brothers Lynn and Russ Margetts in 1949.  For the last 60 years we have been pioneers in the basketball backstop industry.  In 1959 we were awarded a patent on the Jack-Knife Folding Basketball Backstop-an innovative backstop that would fold up within its own frame, thus enabling the backstop to be closer to the wall without having to be a forward fold.

LynRus developed a new, automatically resetting basketball backstop safety strap, the Aut-O-Loc. The Aut-O-Loc soon became the industry standard for backstop safety.  Along with the success of the Aut-O-Loc, came redesigns and increased sales of our electric and manual hoists for the backstops.  The objective of all designs continued to be strength and durability and our products became the standard in the industry.

Today, LynRus Aluminum Products remains a leader in providing premier basketball backstop safety straps and hoists to the gymnasium industry. With unparalleled research, development and testing we are committed  the same quality, durability and safety that began over 60 years ago.  Our install-and-forget products will continue to stand the test of time for generations to come.

Over the last 60 years, LynRus has developed many long-term, strong customer relationships.  We value our customers and consider them partners in future growth and development.  We are still partners with many customers who have survived six decades of turbulence in the marketplace with us.  Because of our broad base and diversity of customers, LynRus has remained extremely stable with over 35,000 sqft of manufacturing space and room for expansion.  Our employee base has also remained stable with an average tenure of thirteen years, including many employees who have been with the company for over twenty years.

LynRus Aluminum Products has positioned itself for the future with many new products and innovations in the works along with heavy investment in technology and people.  The sky is the limit.