CW3 Curtain Winch

Lightweight, instantly reversing 3/4 hp motor with over 2,300 in-lbs of torque at 8 rpm (9.5 ft/min at 1,000 lbs)

Lynrus Curtain Divider Hoist CW Series

Lynrus CW Series Hoist

CW3 Curtain Winch

The standard for moving your divider curtains.

The LynRus CW3 Curtain Winch is proof that good engineering lasts. In fact, our customers put the strength and potential of this winch to good use in their baseball batting cages. That’s because it’s cast with high-strength metal alloy, built to withstand years of wear and tear, and still very lightweight and low profile. It also features a sealed gear case with precision ball bearings that deliver a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.

  • Lightweight unit weighs only 47 pounds/21.4 kilograms.
  • Powerful, Instantly Reversing ¾ HP Motor is governed to stall at 14 amps to prevent overload, and develops over 2,300 inch pounds of torque at 8 rpm (9.5 feet per minute at 1,000 pounds).
  • High-strength Steel Alloy Output Shafts provide a standard 1-inch keyed interface, allowing flexibility when using the CW3 with multiple types of existing couplers and installations.
  • Hardened Steel Worm Gear is captured to take on radial and thrust loads. Our winch is specified to continuously run at the maximum rated load of 1250 lbs/ 566 kilograms for the motors rated duty cycle of 20 minutes without sustaining any gear damage.
  • Sealed Gear Case uses precision ball bearings and premium seals for superior performance and a lifetime of maintenance-free operation
  • Low-Profile Design can be mounted in any position for flexibility during installation.
  • Newly Designed Limit Switch makes setting the limits a breeze for installers. Once set properly, the limit switch will not lose its critical settings due to vibration or environmental conditions.
  • Years of Extensive Testing assure the highest quality and a long life.

The CW3 Curtain Winch is cast with high-strength metal alloy, built to withstand years of wear and tear. A sealed gear case and precision ball bearings deliver a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.

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