QR4 Basketball Backstop Winch

High-strength metal gears, instantly reversing 3/4 hp motor, 1250 lbs (566 kg) of vertical line pull at a speed of 9 ft/min (2.7m).

QR4 Electric Basketball Backstop Winch

QR4 Basketball Backstop Winch

The most convenient way to raise and lower your basketball backstops and other gymnasium equipment.

The QR4 Electric Backstop Winch is designed with time-tested materials and technology to provide a state-of-the-art winch for a lifetime of faithful, uninterrupted service. Up and down, day after day, this winch is easy to operate, offers a low-profile design, and even has an optional remote control. But take a look under the hood and you’ll find metal gears, a tension roller for correct cable tracking and 50 years of experience working for you.

  • High-strength Metal Gears. Hardened steel worm gear is captured to take on radial and thrust loads. Our winch is specified to continuously run at the maximum rated load of 1250 lbs/ 566 kilograms for the motors rated duty cycle of 20 minutes without sustaining any gear damage. Our tests show that metal gears consistently outperform other materials under strenuous conditions, especially plastic.
  • Newly Designed Limit Switch makes setting the limits a breeze for installers. Once set properly, the limit switch will not lose its critical settings due to vibration or environmental conditions.
  • Lightweight unit is only 68 pounds/30.84 kilograms
  • Powerful, Instantly Reversing ¾ HP motor (UL listed) is governed to stall at 14 amps
  • Develops 1250 pounds/566 kilograms of vertical line pull at a speed of 9 feet/2.7 meters per minute
  • Large Grooved Drum with a 4½ inches/1.42 centimeters ensures long cable life and proper coiling. Basic cable care ensures a long, safe life. That’s why we machine precise grooves in our drum and include a tension roller to guarantee correct cable tracking, even in slack conditions.
  • Positive Locking in the double reduction worm gear drive that provides 200:1 reduction rate for a strong hold under load
  • Sealed Gear Case with precision ball bearings and a premium seal for a lifetime of maintenance-free operation
  • Low-profile Design can be mounted in any position for flexibility
  • Optional Remote Control with LED display can control up to 99 individual stations within your gymnasium with ease and convenience.
  • Single or Multiple Key-Switches instantly reverses the QR4s’ motor, unlike standard motors that continue in the same direction causing possible damage
  • UL Listed

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